BlueTOAD IP Configuration Spreadsheet

This workbook helps a user outline the device configurations for a new installation group of BlueTOAD devices.  This can be used for BlueTOAD Classic or BlueTOAD Spectra devices.

  • Location Name
    • Name of the Device location to be configured in BlueARGUS
  • Device ID / Serial Number
    • BlueARGUS uses this ID to organize data.  Important when configuring BlueARGUS.
  • IP Address
    • Important for network communication.
  • Subnet Mask
    • Important for network communication.
  • Gateway
    • Important for network communication.
  • NTP Address
    • Network Time Protocol address.  Important to set the local time on the device.
  • DNS Address
    • Domain Name System server address.  Important to translate URLs to IP addresses.
  • BT (BlueTOAD) Server Address
    • IP or URL of server the BlueTOAD will send MAC detection data and diagnostic heartbeats.

Includes a field installation check list to make sure everything is operational before leaving location.

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